Classic Movies

murder at the baskervilles

Murder at the Baskervilles

(1937) Arthur Wontner, Ian Fleming, Lyn Harding

Sherlock Holmes takes a vacation and visits his old friend Sir Henry Baskerville. His vacation ends when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a double-murder mystery.

house of secrets

House of Secrets

(1936) Leslie Fenton, Muriel Evans and Noel Madison

Two men stumble into an old mansion, and get involved with a crazed scientist, torture chambers and sinister medical experiments.

the black raven

The Black Raven

(1943)  George Zucco, Wanda McKay, Noel Madison

A group of strangers are brought together in an old, dark house and must contend with two murders and $50,000 in stolen money.

the phantom of 42nd street

The Phantom of 42nd Street

(1945) Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge and Alan Mowbray.

An actor is killed during the performance of a play and critic Tony Woolrich takes it upon himself to solve the crime. His love interest is suspected, but when two more deaths occur, she is also threatened by the Phantom Killer.

terror by night

Terror By Night

(1946) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Dennis Hoey

Holmes and Watson are charged with guarding a priceless diamond "The Star of Rhodesia" as it journeys to Scotland by train. There are all manner of weird and unusual passengers to contend with as well as a few menacing villains including the notorious Col Sebastian Moran.

dressed to kill

Dressed to Kill

(1946) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Patricia Morison

Sherlock Holmes tries to recover three music boxes and crack the secret code contained in the tune before a criminal gang can get what they want from them.

devil's cargo

Devil's Cargo

(1948) John Calvert, Lyle Talbot

Murder, mystery and magic. The twists and turns will keep you guessing.

the thirteenth guest

The Thirteenth Guest

(1932) Ginger Rogers, Lyle Talbot, and J. Farrell MacDonald

A young woman visits her childhood home, shuttered some 13 years after the fateful night her father died at the dinner table while they waited for a 13th guest.

Midnight Phantom

Midnight Phantom

(1935) Reginald Denny, Lloyd Hughes

A criminologist links a reporter to the murder of a police chief.

the dark hour image

The Dark Hour 

(1936) Ray Walker, Berton Churchill, Irene Ware, Hobart Bosworth, Hedda Hopper, and E. E. Clive

A pair of detectives investigate the murder of an elderly millionaire who was the target of blackmail and death threats. What they come to realize is that there is no shortage of suspects including many from the victim's own family.

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