Classic Movies

The Lucky Texan

The Lucky Texan

(1934) John Wayne, Barbara Sheldon, Gabby Hayes

Jerry Mason (Wayne), a young Texan, and Jake Benson (Hayes), an old rancher, become partners and strike it rich with a gold mine.
They then find their lives complicated by bad guys and a woman.

monte carlo nights

Monte Carlo Nights

(1934) Mary Brian, John Darrow

A successful roulette player wrongfully convicted of murder escapes custody and goes in search of the real killer.

reaching for the moon

Reaching for the Moon

(1930) Douglas Fairbanks, Bebe Daniels, Edward Everett Horton.

The fast-paced plot has financial genius is in hot pursuit of a "cold fish" during which he resorts to his extroverted acrobatics. Bing Crosby sings.

the amazing adventure

The Amazing Adventure

(1936) Cary Grant, Mary Brian

Cary Grant plays Earnest Bliss a rich socialite who makes a bet with his doctor that he can make a living for one year using none of his current wealth.

paradise isle

Paradise Isle

(1937) Warren Hull, Motive Castaneda, George Piltz

A Romance of the South Seas. A man lost at sea at the mercy of innocent natives and selfish white traders gathers much compassion and holds interest with picturesque scenery. 

made for each other

Made for Each Other

(1939) Jimmy Stewart, Carol Lombard, Charles Coburn

Jimmy Stewart plays a young lawyer John Mason. Who marries Jane Mason (Carole Lombard) after knowing her for just one day.

love affair

Love Affair

(1939) Irene Dunne, Charles Boyer

A fateful shipboard romance between an aimless playboy and a nightclub singer, both engaged but appearing to be destined to reunite on the top floor of the Empire State Building.

one rainy afternoon

One Rainy Afternoon

(1936) Francis Lederer, Ida Lupino, Hugh Herbert, Roland Young, Erik Rhodes.

A young man and his married date plan to neck in a darkened cinema, but he gets the wrong seat and mistakenly kisses lovely Monique, a publisher's daughter. An absurd scandal results; the young man insists that he was simply overcome by Monique's beauty.
This naturally intrigues Monique... but her nominal fiancée feels differently.

Hot Rod Girl

Hot Rod Girl

(1956) Lori Nelson, Chuck Connors, John Smith

Taken from IMDB: After his kid brother is killed in a street race, a champion drag-racer quits racing. However, a new kid comes to town determined to force him back into racing so he can take his title--and he's already taken his girlfriend.

sabrina poster


(1954) Audrey Hepburn, William Holden

A chauffeurs daughter falls in love with a wealthy playboy son. She is wooed away by older brother (Humphrey Bogart) because Holden is to marry daughter of corporate king that will facilitate a merger.

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