Classic Movies

Under Western Stars

Under Western Stars

(1938) Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Carol Hughes, and the Maple City Four.

Roy Rogers plays the son of a late Congressman who fought on behalf of small ranchers who were being starved out because of a dam the  power company had built.

six gun trail

Six Gun Trail

(1938) Tim McCoy

Chasing jewel thieves, Captain Carson and Magpie head for the border where Carson, posing as a Chinaman, opens a store that buys jewelry. To flush the thieves into the open, Carson wins all their money at poker. They agree to sell him the jewels but plan to kill him and keep both.

red river range

Red River Range

(1948) John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune

Dunson leads a cattle drive, the culmination of over 14 years of work, to its destination in Missouri. But his tyrannical behavior along the way causes a mutiny, led by his adopted son.

alias john law

Alias John Law

(1935) Bob Steele, Roberta Gale, Buck Connors

The ringleader of a gang impersonates a deputy in order to steal land.

the young land

The Young Land

(1959) Patrick Wayne, Dennis Hopper, Ken Curtis

An American gunslinger (Dennis Hopper) kills a Mexican man in California immediately after the Mexican-American war.
The killer is arrested and put on trial for murder with the Hispanic population waiting to learn of American justice.

gone with the west

Gone with the West

(1975) James Caan, Stefanie Powers, Sammy Davis, Jr.

A cowboy is unjustly framed for a crime he didn't commit; he partners up with an ethically wronged Native American woman named Little Moon.
In response to the ills they have each suffered, the two set off to wreak vengeance on a small western town.

raiders of old california

Raiders of Old California

(1957) Jim Davis, Arleen Whelan, Faron Young, Marty Robbins

Evil former US Army officers threaten Mexican soldiers out of their land. Marshal Young and Judge Ward arrive to set things right.

war of the wildcats

War of the wildcats

(1943) John Wayne, Martha Scott, Albert Dekker, George "Gabby" Hayes, Marjorie Rambeau, Dale Evans, Grant Withers, Sidney Blackmer

An oilman and a cowboy become boom-town rivals for a schoolmarm and Oklahoma oil.

the light of western stars

The Light of Western Stars

(1940) Jo Ann Sayers, Victor Jory, Tom Tyler, Noah Beery Jr.

A young woman decides to buy a cattle ranch not knowing that there is an ammunition smuggling ring operating off her land.
When she discovers the ring she must find a way to stop it.
The only man that can help bring the corruption to an end is a drunk who has been forced into exile after a brawl with the town sheriff. 

Texas to Bataan

Texas to Bataan

(1942)  John 'Dusty' King, Max 'Alibi' Terhune, David Sharpe 

The Range Busters go to help a friend who is a horse rancher about to ship horses to the Philippines and come up against Japanese spies and U.S. traitors.

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