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Cub Reporter Stories

Scott is a new “Cub” reporter for a small town paper.
These cub reporter stories are based on his various assignments. All are fiction. Some are based on fact. A couple might even make you laugh. 

Humor: The Main Ingredient...Janeb13/Pixabay

the cowboys of hawaiiPaniolo David Kuloloia and his horse, 1930’s (Hawaii State Archives, PP-13–6.010)

The Cowboys of Hawaii

Cattle ranching was well established in Hawaii long before the American cowboy made his mainland debut.

mobile sentinel securityMichael Gaidi/Unsplash

Mobile Sentinel Security

Scott is given an assignment to meet with officials of a high tech security company bringing out a new product which could have sinister applications.

Humor: The Main Ingredient...Janeb13/Pixabay

Humor: The Main Ingredient in Cowboy Coffee

A Cub Reporter Story… Scott is a new “Cub” reporter for a small town paper.
This story is about his first assignment.

Some recipes called for an eggshell. Some called for the whole egg. Just crack it into the coffee and throw the shell in after it. I didn’t get it. Does it add to the flavor like cream and sugar?...

Cowboys, Whiskey and the Saragossa SaloonNightowl/Pixabay

Cowboys, Whiskey and the Saragossa Saloon

Scott visits the western tourist town of Saragossa for the first time. A history lesson turns out to be more than he bargained for when he takes on a challenge by one of the locals.

Saragossa Stage: Hell on WheelsNightowl/Pixabay

The Saragossa Stage: Hell on Wheels

A 50-mile reenactment ride on an authentic stagecoach may have been 40 miles too long. Would all the “lucky” passengers live to tell the tale.

It was 5:00 am on a chilly Saturday morning in mid-June. As per my instructions I arrived at a trailhead just outside of Forest Grove. The route had been well planned.

Saragossa Dude RanchBaily Alexander/Unsplash

Saragossa Dude Ranch: The Crazy Cattle Drive

A humorous tale of a dude ranch and cowboy wanna-be’s

His first question was expected. “So, I hear from Larry that you don’t ride?”

I was hesitant to reply. “I suppose I can get on a horse if I have to… unless there’s an alternative.”

I’m sure Darryl sensed the desperation in my voice. “Well, we have a chuck wagon going with us. I suppose you can ride along with the cook.

The Church on Hollow HillPascal Debrunner/Unsplash

The Church on Hollow Hill

A small town in Tennessee where the old general store and local church have a historic connection. One that was kept a tight secret for years.

Missouri MulesJoe Schneid/Wikimedia

Missouri Mules

Horses have not always been on the forefront of the American West. Missouri mules played an important role in the shaping of this country. Here are a few facts you may not have known.

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