Short Story Fiction
Romance and Relationships

There's nothing like a good short story to get your mind to relax and forget about the worries of the day. We all need a break at times. This section of Short Story Fiction Romance and Relationships may be just what you're looking for. 

story-Moon Dance

Moon Dance: A Love Story

Their love for each other went beyond the grave.

Loves DepartureAlex Harmuth/Unsplash

Loves Departure

Their budding romance took a sudden turn. One of them would be devastated.

The Hardest DecisionOzzie Stern/Unsplash

The Hardest Decision

The fire alarm set off a series of events that would end with one final decision. One that would change the lives of two people forever.

The Death of Steven HenleyCottonbro/Pexels

The Death of Steven Henley

It was a slow death. Steven Henley didn’t see it coming. His friends sure did.

The JumpersTanner Boriack/Unsplash

The Jumpers

A high bridge and deep dark water. Two separate lives ready to call it quits, until fate intervened.

The Making of a Valentine

The Making of a Valentine

It was destiny. Slow and sometimes bittersweet. But in the end, destiny was not denied.

(a snake in the grass) older woman image

A Snake in the Grass

He was a thief playing the long game. Her relatives didn’t have a clue… until it was too late.    

playing with fire image

Playing With Fire

She was everything. He was nothing. A couple of stiff drinks was all he needed to find his courage… and ruin his life.  

For the love of art image

For the Love of Art

A young artist in Paris, the City of Love, must make a crucial choice that will affect her life for years to come.             

story Jilted image


It was a picture perfect wedding, until they reached the “I do’s”.  

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