Short Story Fiction

There are times when I feel my stories need to be broken down into short "chapters". There are other times when I'll write multiple short stories around the same main character. I've listed those stories under this section I call Series.

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The TravelersPavlofox/Pixabay

The Travelers

(In Five Short Chapters)

A young man hiking in the woods comes across a seemingly abandoned treehouse where he unexpectedly meets the owner, a woman who travels through time. This chance meeting sets off a series of events and an adventure that will change his life forever. 

Humor: The Main Ingredient...Janeb13/Pixabay

Cub Reporter Stories

Scott is a new “Cub” reporter for a small town paper.
These stories are based on his various assignments. I've interjected some humor into some of these stories. All are fiction. Some are based on fact. 

short story fiction / The BenchJohn Tuesday/Unsplash

The Bench

(In Seven Short Chapters) 

It was not the life he wanted, but it was the life he now lived. 

No home, no friends, no money. No chance of climbing out of the dirty cellar of life he found himself rattling around in. Then fate intervened.

story-leo and cleo betrayed

Leo and Cleo

Five (and counting) stories of the day to day adventures and misadventures of two cats and their friends.

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The Death of Calvin DandyAnna Louise/Pexels

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