Random Thoughts on Retirement

Not everything I write fits neatly into one category or another. My random thoughts on retirement cover a wide range of topics. They all have something to say about this most interesting phase of life we find ourselves in.

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Planning Your Great Escape

Planning for Retirement Requires Foresight. Leaving a working career is without a doubt a life changing event.

All the years of hard work and necessary financial planning to enjoy your golden years is finally paying off.

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Redefining Success for a More Fulfilling Retirement

In a marathon, each person is focused on what they need to do in order to finish successfully. They are each running their own race. Redefining success for a more fulfilling retirement requires each of us to determine our own definition of success. 

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Retirement Happiness is a State of Mind: Navigating External Challenges

You’re in charge of your life. Your Successful Retirement is in your hands no matter what outside forces throw in your direction. Make the most of what you’ve been given and what you can make of this life.

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The Six Stages of Retirement
By Scott Gese

Retirement is that time in life everyone reaches at some point. Some people plan for it, while others just show up. Those who plan tend to have an easier time adjusting to the changes and moving through the stages of retirement. On the other hand, those who don't plan may struggle more.

To understand the different stages, let's take a look at two fictional characters, Leo and Bill. Leo is a planner, while Bill likes to fly by the seat of his pants.

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Returning to the Work Force
By Scott Gese

Here's a sobering statistic I came across the other day: a study I was reading says one-third of men who retire eventually go back to work. I can't imagine that, but it's true. It's been termed "Reverse-Retirement."

It seems a good percentage of those who say they plan to retire don't, at least not in the traditional way our fathers thought of retirement.   

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Learning to be Retired
By Scott Gese

Retirement is a life changing experience. One that should be for the better. Not everyone starts out well. Here are 5 ideas that will help anyone improve their successful retirement lifestyle experience.    

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Is Retirement Life’s Final Act?
By Scott Gese

There are those who have a misconception of exactly what retirement is. Some mistakenly think it's the final phase of life where it's all downhill from this day forward. They couldn't be more wrong.   

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In Retirement You Can't Afford to Make a Bad Decision
By Scott Gese

Retirement will change your outlook on many things. For me and maybe you, one of those things is my personal safety. One misstep or bad decision could screw up those well laid retirement plans you’ve been looking forward to.   

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